The Story Behind The Story

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The story behind “The Underdog with The Underbite” story is based on the life of Spud, a little boxer puppy that came into our family several years ago. From birth, she encountered many life obstacles. She was the runt of the litter, the smallest of the 10. She was the one who was easily pushed around by her bigger siblings. She was so tiny and weak and not aggressive enough to make it to one of the available sources of milk from her Mom Jazz when it came to feeding time. She was the one puppy with an underbite who looked different from all the others. She was the oddball. She was the underdog with the underbite and the one who wasn’t supposed to make it.

My wife and I vowed that we would do everything within our power to give her a shot at life. We figured we’d take matters into our own hands at feeding time and feed her ourselves with store-bought Puppy Formula fed through a syringe. Several times throughout each day, we’d grab little Spud from the litter, place her in the palm of our hands and feed her drip by drip through a syringe. As time went by, she got bigger and stronger and before long she could join the others and tussle and chase and bite as all normal puppies do. We became so attached to Spud after seeing her overcome her difficulties that we decided to keep her instead of any of the others and she gave us many years of joy and happiness.

As I reflected on Spud’s life one day, I thought that it would be an uplifting and inspiring story that others would benefit from. She was the underdog with the underbite who overcame. For all the kids out there who are ever told , “You’re not good enough, you’re not smart enough, you’re not pretty enough” and otherwise dismissed as not being enough, the story of “The Underdog with The Underbite” is for you. May you find inspiration in the life of Spud as you learn of all of her challenges, adventures, and obstacles and how she overcame them all with a joyful spirit. As the underdog with the underbite overcame, then SO WILL YOU !! Be blessed !!

L.C. Walters


Sharing is caring ...

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